Suru Valley Kargil
The Suru Valley – Kargil

The Suru Valley – Kargil The Suru valley is one of the most beautiful fertile valley in the western Himalayan region with its own unique culture. It extends from Kargil towards Pensi La in South for a  length of 150 Kms. The valley consists [...]

city buildings near mountain
Kargil – A slice of Bliss and Beauty

The Trans-Himalayan District of Kargil comprises of the South-Western part of Ladakh. It derives its name from the second major town of Ladakh viz “Kargil”, which is the District Headquarter. The District comprises of a host valleys, chie [...]

Srinagar to Jammu National Highway Road Status
Srinagar to Jammu National Highway Road Status

Jammu Srinagar National Highway Traffic update 10 July 2021. TRAFFIC PLAN & ADVISORY FOR 10-07-2021 NHW-44. Tomorrow, subject to fair weather and better road condition, LMVs (Passenger) shall be allowed from both sides on Jammu-Srinagar NHW viz Ja [...]

Gurez Valley Road Status
Gurez Valley Road Status

SRINAGAR TO Gurez Valley ROAD STATUS = OPEN Updated: 10-July-21 (Open) Bandipora: The authorities on Saturday allowed one-way traffic movement on 85-km long Bandipora-Gurez, after it remained closed for the winter months due to accumulation of heavy sn [...]

Zojila Pass road status
Zojila Pass Road Status

Srinagar to Zojila Pass Road Status = OPEN The current status of the Zojila Pass is open as on 10-07-2021. However the road will be closed for every Friday for Maintenances. Kindly note that only one way traffic is allowed because this winter saw a ver [...]

Srinagar Leh Highway Road Status

Current Status for Srinagar Leh Highway Currently as on 10 July 2021: the Srinagar Leh Highway is open, but The Srinagar to Kargil road is open for one way i.e. The traffic police will allow only traffic from Srinagar to Kargil and tommorow the Kargil [...]