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Clothes to wear in Gulmarg

There’s been plenty said about the beauty of Kashmir, leaving little to add. But what about Clothes to Wear in Gulmarg, Winter & Summer? Packing for a trip to Kashmir can be perplexing. How cold will it be? Should you pack heavy woolens or light clothes? What about shoes? Here’s a guide tailored for every season in Gulmarg.

clothes to wear in Gulmarg

Winter Essentials for Gulmarg:

  • Heavy, windproof jacket
  • Woolen cap, covering head, neck, and possibly face
  • Thick woolens
  • Thermals/warmers
  • Woolen socks
  • Warm, waterproof gloves
  • Snow boots or waterproof trekking boots
  • Sunglasses

Expect temperatures below 0°C in January, with snowfall likely. If you lack snow boots, ankle-high waterproof shoes suffice. Consider renting snow boots for snowy adventures.
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Clothes to Wear in Gulmarg February:

Similar to January, but with more snow on the ground. Ensure your accommodation provides heaters and bed-warmers. Daytime temperatures might be slightly higher, but nights remain cold.

March in Gulmarg:

Temperature starts to rise, but it’s still cold, especially in Gulmarg. Heavy woolens for evenings and mornings, light woolens or cotton for the day. Expect less snow but chilly nights.

Transitioning to Spring in April:

April brings the bloom of the famous Tulip garden. Days are warmer, but mornings and evenings remain chilly. Pack a mix of heavy and light clothing.

Embracing Summer in May:

Warmer days, but mornings and evenings can still be cool. Regular cotton clothes with a jacket suffice. Sunglasses and sunblock lotion are essential due to harsh sunlight. Clothes for Kashmir Trip

June: Summer’s Peak:

Hot days, especially in Srinagar. Pack light cotton clothes. Even in Gulmarg, the weather is warm. Rain showers might occur towards the month’s end, so consider carrying an umbrella.

Monsoon Months – July & August:

Heavy rainfall can be expected, so pack waterproof gear. Days are warm, nights pleasant. Cotton or polyester clothes that dry quickly are ideal.

September & October – A Tranquil Time:

Pleasant weather, though nights get colder. Heavy woolens needed for higher altitudes. Enjoy the lush greenery with warm clothing and good grip shoes.

November to March – Clothes to wear in Gulmarg:

Prepare for freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall. Heavy woolens, thermals, and waterproof gear are crucial. Snow boots are recommended. Respect local customs by dressing modestly.

Essentials for Any Season:

  • Ample cash
  • Postpaid mobile connection
  • Necessary documents
  • Basic medicines
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock lotion

Whether you’re exploring the snow-covered peaks or basking in the summer sun, dressing appropriately ensures a comfortable and respectful experience in Gulmarg, the jewel of Kashmir.

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