inner line permit

inner line permit in ladakh What is an Inner Line Permit? An Inner Line Permit (ILP) is an  official travel document  issued and stamped by the Indian authorities. This document is compulsory to  visit Restricted Areas . Permits are delivere [...]


Vasaknag One of the outstanding physical features that has been a part of natural heritage of Kashmir is the existence of various springs or as they are locally known as nags. Located mostly in natural settings, these nags are some of the most beautifu [...]


Shar-i-shali Shar-i-Shali Village is located in the foothills of a beautiful mountain range in the southeast of Kashmir Valley. Lofty Mountains, numerous springs, religious and cultural sites along with the saffron farms make this area a great tourist [...]

Suru Valley Kargil
The Suru Valley – Kargil

The Suru Valley – Kargil The Suru valley is one of the most beautiful fertile valley in the western Himalayan region with its own unique culture. It extends from Kargil towards Pensi La in South for a  length of 150 Kms. The valley consists [...]

city buildings near mountain
Kargil – A slice of Bliss and Beauty

The Trans-Himalayan District of Kargil comprises of the South-Western part of Ladakh. It derives its name from the second major town of Ladakh viz “Kargil”, which is the District Headquarter. The District comprises of a host valleys, chie [...]

Gurez Valley Travel Guide

Here is why you should Visit Gurez Valley. Gurez Valley is a Hidden Paradise located in Baramullah District of Kashmir,  Around  120 Kms away from Srinagar in  at an Altitude of 8,000 Feets. The valley is surrounded by Snow-Capped peaks, Majestic Himal [...]