Current Status for Srinagar Leh Highway

Currently as on 22 Oct 2021: the Srinagar Leh  ( Srinagar to Kargil ) Highway will be closed for 3 days, As the weather department of Kashmir has issued an advisory regarding the Great western disturbance. Therefore authorities have decided to close all high passes roads Like Zojila, Gurez etc.

The Srinagar to Kargil road is closed for both way i.e. The traffic police will  not allow any traffic from Srinagar to Kargil and Kargil to Srinagar traffic will be not be allowed. 

However if the weather is clear and you may Call the Police Control Room Srinagar before planning your travel on said roads. • PCR Srinagar (0194-2450022, 2485396)


On every Friday the Srinagar to Kargil road will be closed for maintenances purpose.

Road Opening

This year, the snow clearance operations on Srinagar Leh Highway for the season 2020-21 have started very early in February from Srinagar and Drass sides. And now it looks like the snow clearance is going to take momentum amidst heavy snowfall if the weather holds up in the coming months.

On 19th February 2021, BRO made a groundbreaking 61-year record of clearing the snow from Srinagar Leh Highway. With snow cleared from Zojila Pass, you can expect Srinagar Leh Highway to open by end of February, which will be a record in the history of the opening of Srinagar Leh Highway that early in the season ever.

As of now, BRO expects to open Srinagar Leh Highway in 2020 in record-breaking time by the end of February. However, only time and weather in the coming weeks will have the final say in it.

It means that the butterflies in the stomach of all the adventure enthusiasts planning their upcoming trip to Leh Ladakh in 2021 will be more frequent 🙂 🙂

The Srinagar Leh Highway Status 2021 is OPENING on 27th February, as BRO worked hard to clear the heavy amount of snow from Sonamarg towards Zojila Pass on the Srinagar side and from Drass towards Zojila on the Kargil side.

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