What is the best time to visit Kashmir for Snowfall is the most asked questioned we ever get from our Guests,  However if you’re looking for the same question then we got you covered in this Article about the Snowfall in Gulmarg and best time to visit Gulmarg Kashmir.

The beautiful meadows of Gulmarg, usually lush green during April are under the white blanket of Snow during the winter season in Kashmir.

The Best time to visit Gulmarg for Snowfall is from December to February. 
During these months, don’t miss out on the gorgeous Christmas celebrations of the Gulmarg snow festival. Held for 2 days every year, this festival was started to promote winter sports and tourism.

So, Stock up on your warm clothes, because it gets extremely chilly during December and January during Snowfall i Kashmir. The beauty of Gulmarg is heightened in Winter. but the temperatures can dip down from -4 to -10 degrees which  can chill even the most seasoned humans. Builds a snow-man, ski down the slopes or indulge in snow fights with your loved ones in Gulmarg in winter.
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Plenty of Skiing opportunities offer you a chance to get up and close with nature as you take a trip down shark fin or ride in the Gulmarg Gondola.

best time to visit Gulmarg?

So lets dig into this article and tour you virtually by words, image and videos we captured for you.

Gulmarg is about 51 KMs from Srinagar city and 60 from Srinagar Airport.  In Summers it takes around 2 hours to reach Gulmarg, but in winter it really depends on weather & weather only. 
Srinagar to Tangmarg is easy part of your journey, mostly plain and slight hill, but the game changes when you reach Tangmarg after that your cab will drop you there and you have option to get weather proof clothes and Boots on rent as on per pieces basis, after that you need to find a Snow jeep from Tangmarg to Gulmarg as it will be very slippery road for normal cabs and these snow jeeps have iron chains on their tyre’s which give them traction on snow and black ice to get a enough grip to drive uphill of Tangmarg-Gulmarg 12 KMs Hill road.   (These cabs usually charge 1000-1200 for one-way trip.  

Upon reaching Gulmarg, You will be checking in ) in your hotel in Gulmarg, if you have planned 1or 2 Nighht stays in Gulmarg, which you should consider if you haven’t.  And after that what you will see is Winter Wonderland Gulmarg, Skier’s and skaters Skiing on Small and Large slops and some just trying to figure out how to put on the ski shoes at first place, Well we will get back to this part of Gulmarg after your experience of Gondola Cable Car.Kashmir tour Packages


Gondola Cable car is the major attraction in Gulmarg which each and every traveler know about whoever is or going to plan to visit Gulmarg. 

Gondola Cable car is Asia’s Highest cable car set on the Mount Affarwat  (14,000 feet’s above sea level), 
Its First Phase/Station is on Affarwat and Costs around 950 and 2nd Phase/Station is at Kongdoori, and costs around 750 but to get here you need to get the 1st phase ticket also which makes it Rs 1700+

Things to do in KashmirTickets can be booked on their website or you call our expert to get it do at additional fee of Rs 50-70 Rs 

GulmargWitness the beauty of crystal clear frozen lake of Apharwat, which is nestled high up in the Apharwat peaks of the Himalayas. This Scenic visual is one of the most stunning attractions in Gulmarg and makes for a great picnic spot, surrounded by craggy mountains adorned by wild flowers. 
Gulmarg the hill station never ceases to be beautiful, no matter what the season. This surreal hill station is a coveted tourist destination. Complete with snow-capped mountains and lush greenery, Gulmarg in snowfall is even prettier than Gulmarg in Monsoons or  Summer.



Skiing is fun to do but not for the first timers, well but not in Gulmarg, Gulmarg has very well trained skiers or you can say born to SKI,  
there are some slops in which you can try if you’re first timer by hiring a expert who will not only teach you but will be your partner on the slops untill you try to figure out not to fall after every secound you get back to ski,  You will see the little ones also skiing in Gulmarg

The serene and charming Gulmarg is often known as the charm of Kashmir valley. A loose translation for Gulmarg is a meadow of flowers. True to its name, this quaint charming little town is eye candy for tourists and feels like hot chocolate on a warm day. If you’re taking a flight, the closest airport is the beautiful Srinagar. Gulmarg sits 51 KM away from Srinagar. For everyone who wants the full Kashmir experience, Srinagar is where it starts and Gulmarg completes that experience.

January to March is the ultimate experience for adventure sports and to experience the snow-laden landscapes of Gulmarg. From skiing to the highest lift, Gulmarg is home for winter adrenaline junkies. The highest golf course in the world, head over the best time to visit Gulmarg for a completely unique experience. A stern and unyielding course which can sometimes get frustrating, however, the beauty all around you makes each and every moment worth it. Visit during June-September to see the flowers in full bloom and the mountains completely lush with vegetation. If heat is more your style, Gulmarg is also called the ‘meadow of flowers’ due to its beautiful floral landscapes in summer. This beautiful hill station is also home to several adventurous opportunities for nature enthusiasts. Apart from the skiing, there are many attractions that one can see in Gulmarg, such as the Shiva Temple, which was previously a temple for Dogra kings, an abandoned hotel structure that is as intriguing as it sounds and St. Mary’s Church among others. With such beautiful visuals all around, who would want to come back to their busy city life?

There are many quaint places where you can reside as you create your day to day itinerary, however, finding that perfect place with the perfect view might be difficult if you’re getting your bookings done at the last moment. For places like Gulmarg, it is always best to plan in advance and have your bookings in place before you actually visit. Whether you’re looking for luxury or something more suited to your pocket, InterMiles can help you with finding the right place to stay and cut down on your costs enabling you to use the miles that you have previously earned as a medium of payment. Book your hotel stay here on our hotels webiste.

So, head to Gulmarg during winter to experience the snowfall in Kashmir. It is undoubtedly the best time to visit Gulmarg as you get to experience snow at its finest. Be one with nature as you relax in the lap of nature’s best creation yet. Don’t forget to click pictures and make the best possible use of your camera! 

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