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One of the outstanding physical features that has been a part of natural heritage of Kashmir is the existence of various springs or as they are locally known as nags.

Located mostly in natural settings, these nags are some of the most beautiful spots that man could discover for silent and spiritual contemplation. These are numerous Hindu and Muslim Shrines in the valley which are located around these springs. One of these springs is located in the Kund valley in Anantnag district of South Kashmir near the northern foothills of Pir Panjal mpountains range known as Vasaknag.

The spring of Vasaknag is 82 Kms southest of the city of Srinagar. Vasaknag is a Sanskrit word, Vasuki being the incranation of Vishnu. The Kund Valley lies within the Pir Panjal range and contains some of the most enchanting, unexplored areas of the Kashmir region. this valley is divided into three halqas forming part of the Qazigund block of Kulgam tehsil. The Spring gushes with water from late February to late September after which dries up. Interestinly water starts apperaing in the spring on the other side of Pir Panchal hill at Dengh thatpani near Ghool Sanaghaldhan in Jammu.

The day water reappears in Vasaknag, an Urs commemorating the death anniversary of Syed Noor Shah Baghdadi is clebrated. the Urs is celebrated on 9th chatir of the Kashmiri calendar, corresponding to late February. The ziarat (shrine) of Syed Noor Shah is located sources the Syed migrated to Kashmir from Baghdad (Iraq) some five centuries back.


Places of tourist attraction

Vasaknag is dotted with a number of beautiful spots, providing scenic views of the Kund Valley and the Surrounding Pir Panchal mountain range.

Prominent Places around Vasaknag. 

Masnad: A snow glacier exists at Masnad which remains covered with ice for around ten months of the year. the glacier is located at a distance of around 5 Kms from Vasaknag and cam be approached from a pedestrian track. This track can be used as a soft trek by visitors during Summer Months.

Bomrum Bahg:

A beautiful meadow covered with a veriety of flowers spread over a vast area is situated at Borum Bagh. According to local sources the area is said to have been the capital of a mythical Bomrun King. Archaeological remains exit in the area, which locals maintain are remnants of the Bomrun capital. the meadow is located at a distance of 2 Kms ahead of Masand. the area is a favourite habitat for the Pir Panchal widlife.

Arkhol Nag:

A spring with therapeutiv properties at waltengoo is locally referred to as Arkhol Nag. The nag is located at a distance of 1Km from Vasaknag. Bathing in water of spring on Sunday is supposed to cure rash resulting from the sap of Posthal tree.


Located at a distance of 1 Km from Vasaknag, this is a large rock locally known as Churi-Pal. the rock can provide shelter up to thirty persons underneath it. the size and beauty of the rock attracts visitors in large numbers.

in addition there are a large number of smaller springs and scenic places located in the surrounding environs of the Kund Valley. the spring at Vasaknag and other places around are frequented by large numbers of visitors, especially school children’s, during the spring and trough summer and autumn mostly  from surrounding areas of Anantnag district. Over time the area has become a popular site for excursions.


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